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Housing and welfare benefit advice

Housing & welfare benefit advice

Housing Advice

This is a free independent service that deals with a wide range of housing issues, such as homelessness, young person’s housing rights, repairs, illegal evictions and much more.

The Housing Advice Service also offers welfare benefit advice and debt advice.

Our 30 years’ of experience tells us that prompt and accurate advice helps people to make informed choices and can often prevent the trauma, emotional, physical and financial cost of homelessness.

At Accommodation Concern our core objective is to deliver good quality, accurate and accessible housing advice and support aimed at preventing homelessness and alleviating hardship, need and distress.

We will provide free and impartial Housing advice including:

  • Eviction paperwork
  • Rights and responsibilities of tenants & landlords
  • Liaise with council/housing associations
  • Court representation
  • Homelessness
  • Access to social or private housing
  • Repairs
  • Legal obligations of tenants

Welfare Benefit Advice Service

We can offer Welfare Benefits advice including:

  • Maximising income/Benefit checks – are you claiming everything you are entitled to?
  • PIP claims/Appeals
  • Employment Support Allowance claims/appeals

Food Parcels

In partnership with KCU, Accommodation Concern is able to provide a pre-packaged food parcels. We are also able is happy to redistribute surplus and donated food items to people in need. However, our main function as an anti-poverty charity is to find out why you are in need and to help you address the problems that are causing you to need a food parcel. Please do not be put off asking for food if you need it, just let our advisers know during your interview.

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