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Behaviour & Access Statement

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive environment for all our clients, visitors, contractors, staff and volunteers using our services.

What we ask of you

Our staff should not be expected to deal with rude, abusive or threatening behaviour. If such behaviour is encountered and cannot be calmed down, staff will politely state that they will have to terminate the contact (put the telephone down/leave the meeting etc.). If this incident occurs at our offices or drop-ins we will ask you to leave immediately, you will be welcome to return when you have calmed down. Consumption of drugs and alcohol (including prescription and over the counter drugs) or intoxication may impact your ability to make informed decisions. If you appear to be unable to engage efficiently (or appear to be under the influence of the above substances) we may ask you to leave and return when you are able to fully engage with the issue you are requesting support for.

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