We know that prompt, accurate advice helps people to make informed choices, and often prevents the trauma, emotional, physical and financial cost of homelessness. At Accommodation Concern our core objective is to deliver good quality, accurate and accessible advice, support, education and training aimed at preventing homelessness and alleviating hardship, need and distress. We hold at least ten advice surgeries each week (drop-in and by appointment).
Our advice services hold the Advice Quality Standard in Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits.
If you need advice on any aspect of housing, e.g. homelessness, access to social or private housing, repairs, legal obligations of tenants, please contact us.
Drop-Ins & Appointments
Drop Ins
At 1 Meadow Road, Kettering
Mondays-Thursdays 10-4
We may offer you an appointment to avoid long waiting times. If you need housing advice you should attend a drop in first, at this session you will be assessed and any follow up appointment will be booked.
At these appointments we will do more detailed work on  your case so please bring any relevant letters or forms with you.
Please arrive in good time for any appointment and bring any necessary paperwork with you.

Please call us on 01536 416560 if you need more information.