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We are now an accredited DASH landlord

27th January 2021

Things here at Accommodation Concern have started as busy as the last one finished. We are always looking to the future and how we can best assist the public and provide the highest level of service. This month we successfully achieved accreditation with DASH Services.

DASH Services is a joint-working initiative with Local Authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants/residents. DASH aims to improve housing conditions in the private sector, with particular emphasis on the private rented sector. Operating across the East Midlands, DASH provide a valuable cost-effective service to over 40 local authorities and are a leading provider of housing advice, information and guidance for the private rented sector.

The aim of DASH accreditation is to encourage and promote good property standards and management practices in the private rented sector. Tenants in properties that are accredited by DASH benefit from the reassurance that a DASH accredited landlord will strive to provide a quality service.

This new accreditation emphasises the work we do to make sure that all of our residents are treated fairly and given the best possible care and advice at all times. We are proud to hold this new accreditation which shows that as a landlord, we are serious about setting, achieving and maintaining high standards within our properties.

You can find out more about DASH and what this new accreditation means to us by clicking the link below.

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