When we first speak with a service user we need to find out about the person’s current situation and their needs. The type of assessment we carry out depends on the person and how the discussion goes. However, we will almost always carry out an income and expenditure assessment.

We have developed a simple template for budget planning. It helps us to help you if you can make a start on filling one in before your appointment.

Please feel free to use the tools on this page, print them off, adapt them, fill them in and take them to advice and support sessions.

Please note, your Worker will often need to know other things, commonly, these are:

  • The name of your housing officer (if you have one);
  • If you have any letters about rent or mortgage arrears;
  • If you have a copy of your tenancy agreement and any letters from your landlord;
  • If you have an up to date copy of your rent account;
  • If you have any letters from Housing Benefit or DWP.

If you are a partner agent – you are also free to use or adapt them – but please credit Accommodation Concern clearly.