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5 key priorities during COVID-19

Most of our clients use our office base in Kettering to access the services we provide to prevent and relieve poverty.

We have had to drastically adapt how we meet the needs of the most vulnerable people in our community through this difficult time.

Our 5 priorities

Key Point 1

1. Keeping the residents in our 4 properties who would otherwise be homeless, safe, supported and well during self-isolation.

Key Point 2

2. Supporting 17 rough sleepers into accommodation; keeping them safe and connected, and ensuring they have access to all of the professional support they need.

Key Point 3

3. Moving our drop-in housing and benefits advice service to telephone or video calls.

Key Point 4

4. Working with local agencies to ensure delivery of our weekly food parcels to the most vulnerable and at-risk clients.

Key Point 5

5. Caring for and supporting our staff team, so they stay well, engaged and positive during a period when they are having to self-isolate and work from home.

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